About Us



Hi! My name is Patti. I just bought a chocolate shop! I'm so busy making awesome artisan chocolates and confections, that I haven't had time to spruce up (totally change) this website. Bear with me while I get every thing together. 

Sugar hugs and chocolate kisses,

Patti Le Day



About our Chocolates

All of our chocolates are either hand dipped or hand molded by us to order in our shop in Scotts Valley.

We use fresh all-natural ingredients in our chocolates with two exceptions:

  1. Any design color other than gold, white, silver, gray or black is made from FD&C synthetic food color (we would like to use all natural food colors, but so far we haven't found any more that work).
  2. The only Gianduja that we can get at a reasonable price from Callebaut contains vanillin. We are trying to find an alternate source.

We design and produce all of our own transfer sheets and most of our sheets are made with natural food color. Since we produce all of our own designs, we can fill smaller custom orders with faster turn-around times.

Most of our bulk chocolate comes from E. Guittard or Callebaut . We think that these have the best qualities for blending with different flavors. We are constantly trying other chocolates to see if they will work.

All of our chocolates should be stored in a cool dry place with a temperature range of between 50 - 70*F. (do not refrigerate) and have a shelf life of about one month. The chocolates containing alcohol (wine and liqueur) will have a 2 to 3 month shelf life.




Lavender:  this one is one of our best sellers.  Everyone wants to try a lavender chocolate.  The lavender is grown in Aptos, CA, and combined with olive oil from there too.  More about this later with the Omega chocolate story.


Herbal Mint.:  This is the last herbal in our series of five herbs.  This refreshing chocolate is made from spearmint like what is grown in backyard gardens throughout America.  It really does take over the yard, so that's why we let the local farmers grow it.  

Signature/Frangelico:  This chocolate later became our Signature piece but it originally was called Frangelico since it was made with that marvelous hazelnut liqueur and our hazelnut chocolate.

Maya:  Inspired by the Mexicans who first made chocolate we use unrefined Mexican sugar.  Oddly enough, this is our only chocolate that DOESN'T have a chocolate center.  The Mexican brown sugar is mixed with cream, butter and a touch of dark rum

Tango:  This was created for my Mom who was 89 and who does not like chocolate.  She lives in Arizona and I went to visit her bearing gifts of what we made.  Mom likes nuts, milk chocolate, and cinnamon so we made this special chocolate just for her.  She was so enthralled with the Tango that she couldn't stop eating them.  I had given her an extra box for her friends but she later told me that they never even got a taste because she had eaten them all and now it was my fault because her pants fit a little tight! 

Rum Dome:  Imagine the sound of the surf and then pirates singing "Yo, Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum" and having a swig from the keg..  For our friends who live near the ocean this seems like a natural. A lovely combination of dark and hearty Jamaican rum carefully blended with Belgian milk chocolate.  It's enough to put a smile on any matey's face.

"Wild" Strawberry
We buy wonderful fresh strawberries from a local grower.  We make the strawberries "wild" because they're soaked in vodka for a couple of months then discarded and replaced with a new flat of berries which sits for another couple of months.  After around four months of soaking the berries are discarded and then the strawberry vodka is blended with the chocolate.  Imagine, strawberries swimming in vodka and then blended with chocolate.  What a way to go.

Espresso Presto:  Ahh, the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans wafting from the coffee roaster where we get the espresso beans.  The dark beans are freshly ground and then infused with cream.  Finally this is all blended with the chocolate and piped into a mold to produce a most delectable confection.

Framboise:  Framboise is French for raspberry.  The Framboise we use is a raspberry wine. Raspberry wine and chocolate.  What a combination!

Omega:  It means the ultimate and this chocolate really delivers.  Luscious melted chocolate is combined with a very special olive oil from Valencia Creek Farm in Aptos, CA.  Here the olive trees are surrounded by lavender and other flowers.  They infuse the growing olives with their fragrance.  When the olives are pressed everyone knows whose olives they are because they emit such a wonderful floral aroma. Chocolate, cream and the olive oil are blended to produce the ganache.  After it sets up it is sprinkled with a salt that was gathered from a secret salt pond off of Big Sur by a man who actually repels down a cliff to get it.  We found out about him from a guy who knows a guy, who knows another guy etc.

Pumpkin:  This is a seasonal chocolate.  Pumpkin puree, mixed with our own spices and blended  with chocolate.  It tastes like a pumpkin pie with chocolate crust!

Single Malt Scotch:  This is for those people who find the subtle, smoky taste of a Single Malt Scotch irresistible.  We have created the perfect combination of chocolate and Glen Fiddich Scotch.

Rose:  Our rose chocolate is made with very expensive rose oil from Turkey.  After eating a small piece of chocolate the chocolate fades into the background and the rose flavor is left rising through the olfactory cavities and remains after the chocolate is gone.  It tastes like you are smelling a rose. It is a very special chocolate indeed.

Peanut Butter and Jelly: Fresh ground peanut butter, confectioner's sugar and cocoa butter form a ganache. A chocolate shell is molded, organic grape jelly goes in with peanut butter ganache, and voila,It's peanut butter jelly time!


The Vineyard Chocolates:

We do special chocolates for several wineries.  We make chocolates using wines that we taste and that we think will work well with our chocolate.  The chocolates carry the logo of the winery and are sold in their tasting rooms.